New beginnings…First baby of 2013!

What a great way to start the new year – my family and I had a wonderful vacation (it is hard not to have fun when you are on a Disney cruise!  Especially since I got a couple extra days with my hubby in sunny Miami ;)  And we came home to find two of my babies had been born while I was away.  Yay for me!

And this little red head was such a sweetie – I loved capturing his sweet smiles!  He was wide awake when he arrived, but oh so content.  And Big Sister was so very proud of her new baby.  She couldn’t stop giving him kisses and loves!  I started photographing this family for Big Sister’s Happy First Birthday and it has been such a joy to watch little Miss A grow over the past year – and now to help her introduce her baby brother to the world!  Photographing siblings under two with a new baby are often some of the *more challenging* shots to get – but at the same time they are some of the most important to Mamas and Daddies.  I was so happy we were able to capture a few of these tender moments with brother and sister together…

Thank you for coming to meet me sweet Baby R, I can’t wait to watch you grow!


Thank you Pooks and Lulu for the adorable ‘Big Frank’, Zoe and Oliver for the beautiful small blue blanket (her colors! Wow, just love them!!) and to WOODSY WONDERS for the beautiful hand made barn wood crate – there is no matching your work Anne!

PS I would love to hear your feedback!  If 15 of Baby R’s friends and family make comments on this blog post and 15 become new fans on the studio FACEBOOK PAGE (the same person can do both if they would like – just leave a comment on the FB page that you are a new fan!) I will gift Mom and Dad an extra 8×10 print as a thank you gift.

Thanks for visiting my blog…

Lynn - Love this post! That hat in the first pictures is amazing. Great images!!

Sarah Schwartz - Those big sister shots are so dear!

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2012 ~ Blessed beyond measure

As I look back on 2012 I am overwhelmed with gratitude.  I started the year still on crutches from my accident in August of 2011.  The first few sessions of the year I did from a rolling office chair because I wasn’t quite confident on my feet around the little ones – and still couldn’t crouch or kneel.  I laughed out loud in the middle of one of my last sessions of the year – I was sitting on the ground, laying on the ground, rolling around, getting up and down – throwing leaves and mud on my head to make a sweet little eighteen month old giggle – and loving every minute of it.  I look back on this year and the end doesn’t match the beginning.  It has been a year of growth for me for sure.  But also one of love, of joy, of passion and of awakening.  I have poured myself into this little studio this year, and it has poured exceedingly more than I could have asked in return.  I am blessed, blessed beyond measure…

I wanted to do a “quick year in review” blog post, but it has been so hard to choose my favorite photos and narrow it all down.  As I look back over the year I photographed over thirty sessions for twenty three different families.  I had the incredible privilege of photographing tiny little newborns, sweet milestone sessions, wild and crazy cake smashes, an airport adoption homecoming, birthday parties, beautiful expecting mamas and two sets of twins.  I love that I was able to photograph several families two and three times in one year – there is just nothing like watching “my babies” grow!

I also stretched my wings a bit and photographed three gorgeous senior girls at the Savvy Photographer Workshop this fall and a very fun couple for their engagement session around the Washington, DC Monuments – and while I am not planning to begin offering either type of session, I loved the chance to try out new things!

I try to do a little session for my own boys three or four times a year.  And since they are often my most challenging “clients” – as any photographer mama understands – I threw a couple favorites from those sessions in here as well  :)  But in all honesty, the three of us are getting pretty good at.  My five year old has even started helping me ‘scope out’ session locations!  You know you are a photographer’s child when…

And speaking of those two monkeys…I feel so blessed to have found a job that I love and can do while staying at home with my two amazing little boys.  This time will pass so quickly – and sometimes the balance is challenging – but I am thankful and blessed.  To all of you who have been a part of Renee Stengel Photography in 2012 – I thank you, not only for being a part of my photography studio, but for being a part of my life.  I look forward to working with you again and again in the coming years!!

PS I would love to hear your feedback!  Do one of these sweet cuties belong to you?  If any family has 15 comments on this blog post and sends 15 new fans to the studio FACEBOOK PAGE I will gift Mom and Dad with an 8×10 print at their next session as a thank you gift.  The same person can do both if they would like – but you need to tell me who should get the “credit” in your comment here, or leave a comment on the FB page that you are a new fan!  All comments and fans will be counted on February 1st.

Thanks for visiting my blog…

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my boys…

So for my last session of 2012…I tackled my toughest clients!  As any Photographer Mama knows, photographing your own children is one of the most challenging (and rewarding!) things you can do as a photographer.  I often get the best images of a session when I ask parents to step away a little, when I can “buddy up” with a child and just hang out with them.  Well, that is a little tough when you are Mom and Photographer!  HaHa! But, honestly, my boys do great.  They have a Mama for a professional photographer – and that can be a little tough for a kid.  So we do a “session” three or four times a year and try to leave it at that :)  And the only one I do in the studio is in the winter – otherwise we are outside running around for sure!  The thing is though, they are starting to really get into it.  This fall I took them out location hunting and my oldest starting watching out the window of the car as we drove around spotting barns and fields and asking if this or that spot would be good for one of my sessions – now that made my Mama Heart proud!

So when it came time for our session in December, I was geared up for a bit of a wrestling match, but I didn’t need to be!  We had a couple false starts – first time I have shown up at a session with a dead battery, ever!  But once we got all our ducks lined up and got started, the boys did fantastic.  Jonah is still getting there – he always wants to jump up and take my picture instead!  But Benjamin, my five year old, is starting to really enjoy our session times together…as long as we stick to the every three or four months rule ;)


Thank you to the Petite Peanut Boutique for the fantastic Super Hero bow tie.  Benjamin picked this one out himself this summer – and I was so happy to order it.  This series was created in honor of her own little Super Hero – her son Clayton, who suffered from Williams Syndrome.  He has now become a Super Angel.  I pray for her family daily and will always think of her sweet boy and the strength and love he showed the world when my own precious boys wear their Super Hero ties.  Clayton’s mother is a woman of great faith – please keep her in your prayers…

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