Sweet Baby Jake

Sweet baby Jake.  I remember being at the pool last summer, you were about the size of a pea… Your mama was so excited she couldn’t stand it, neither could I. Baby number three would arrive in the spring!  So exciting.  Your big brother and sister are the same ages as my two little boys, so we all spent a lot of time together last summer with your beautiful mama.  I had just returned from my newborn workshop in July and was so super excited to find out I would have you for a model come April.

And, here you are.  So sweet, so perfect, so beautiful.  And all that hair – I just couldn’t resist, I had to make it stand up a bit, sorry about that (but not really).  I loved you before I met you, and you certainly have me wrapped around those little fingers now.  Oh, we are going to have some fun my little man.

Jake’s favorite position of the day…arms straight up!

if only they slept like this all night…

are you tired of the little piggies yet?  I don’t think I will *ever* be tired of them.

and this may be my new favorite black and white…I can’t wait to get it up on his walls.

PS I would love to hear your feedback!  If 15 of Baby Jake’s friends and family make comments on this blog post I will send his Mommy and Daddy an extra 5×7 print as a thank you gift.  Thanks for visiting my blog ♥ Renee

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And the family grows…

It has been a baby kind of week around here – and I am loving it!  Twice this week I was able to celebrate a beautiful mama to be with dinner or a shower. And both of these ladies happen to be expecting baby number three within days of each other the first week of April.  It was incredible to spend the evening with each of them and so fun to think that the next time I see each of them just might be to photograph their newborn!  And not only were the evenings wonderful celebrations of these two amazing ladies – they were also such a blessing to me.  As a stay at home mom I do not get out and enjoy time with girlfriends often enough (how many of us do?!?) and evenings like these serve as great reminders of how wonderful – and necessary – they really are.

And then, the icing for the week…

I had the privilege of meeting sweet Baby Elias at the grand age of five days new.  What a joy!!  I met his big sister just eighteen months ago in her first few days and have had the joy of photographing her again at three, six and nine months.  It is such an honor when a family chooses me to document these early days, months and years and I am so excited to continue the journey with this precious baby boy!  And my own family gets particularly excited about the idea of this family growing.  Baby Eli lives just two houses down from us and as some of the youngest children in our little neighborhood my boys are ready for some more little ones around here!  I know this little guy might not be quite ready for my crazy two and four year old…but I bet he’ll be ready before we know it.

I hope you enjoy this little peek at Baby Eli’s session. I am so excited to watch you grow little man…

PS I would love to hear your feedback!  If 15 of Baby Eli’s friends and family make comments on this blog post I will send his Mommy and Daddy an extra 5×7 print as a thank you gift.  Thanks for visiting my blog ♥ Renee

Thanks Trendy Ties for the darling Bow Tie!

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Paul Sprick - Wow, those pictures are awesome! I love the first one with the folded arms!! So peaceful!!

Mary Stout - Dear Renee, It was great to meet you last week. You have some fabulous pictures of Eli, Katie and Jon. Do you have any prices for any of these because I would love to order them. I was so very impressed with your studio and am looking forward to seeing more in the future!! Mary Stout

Grandma - I love the first one with his possible red hair showing.

Becky Sprick - I love the pictures! The bow tie from Trendy Ties is adorable! I’m looking forward to more pictures as the kids grow!

Katie Sprick - Beautiful photos! I started to post my favorite, but of course he is adorable in all of them!

Hazel Brandel - A beautiful baby that Grandma Hazel is very proud of. Just wish he were closer to Missouri.

Barbara Montone - Gorgeous baby and I love the images too!

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Watch me grow…from 3000 miles away


Remember this sweet little guy that I got to photograph at just eight weeks old…

He came back!  All eight months of happy pudgy yumminess, all the way from out near Seattle, and all just to see me!  Well, his Nana might argue it wasn’t just to see me, but we can settle that one later.

Tristin might qualify as my longest distance client ever – but I will most definitely take him!  He has also served as a book end of sorts around my accident.  I photographed him barely a week before I fell down the stairs, my last session before that crazy day, and now here he is again, my first full session after my recovery.  I did one mini newborn session in December, which I loved, but I was still on crutches and had to do the session while sitting in my rolling office chair!  So this little man got my first no crutches, no brace, walking on my own and even able to get up and down off the floor session – though this little guy certainly challenged that last super hero power.  I still have a ways to go – and no I am not ready to take on sessions with anyone who can run yet!  But I am definitely getting stronger every day and it feels amazing to be back behind the camera.

Beyond the fun of photographing little Trisin, it was amazing to see my dear friend so happy and in love with her son and with motherhood.  It makes my heart happy to see what a wonderful mother she has become.  They have so much fun together and this little guy was, to put it mildly, hilarious.  As you can see from the photos, I could not decide which crazy faces to post here, so while we got some great big happy smiley photos, I just had to make a little collage of the “crazy faces of Tristin” to go along with them.  Yes, we had a very fun afternoon, oh, and I took some pictures too…Thanks for coming to visit – and I think Nana appreciated the visit too!


Liz - I like the normal shots but I really adore the funny face shots. You really capture the humor of the little guy!

Brian - Great job with the photos! I love them, can’t wait to see more!


Chelsea - Renee, these photos are fantastic! You have truly captured Tristan’s personality. I hope these bi-coastal sessions end up a regular event!

admin - Thanks Everyone – and Chelsea, I hope so too!!

Jean-Marie Harner - I can just hear the deep belly laughs!! Where’s the spoon to eat him up? Wow. Congratulations Mama Liz! Renee, great job.

Kathryn - Renee, those are fabulous photos. You capture his smile and spirit so well.

Kim @ Boulder - So, so cute. Looks like the happiest little man ever. Gorgeous work Renee. The shots are amazing.

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