a best friend…

So a blog post is supposed to be a peek.  Just a *few* photos to hold you over.  I had trouble this time around….

Let’s start at the beginning.  One of my dearest friends lives all the way out in Seattle, seriously, can’t get much further away and still be in the forty eight contiguous.  But her family is all around northern Virginia, so I have that card, she still comes to see me.

Her grandfather, PopPop, was one of the funniest people I have ever met, I loved him, dearly.  He was 96 this year and just wore out.  We know he is happier now, up there dancing with Nana, but still a tough time for the family as they all came together to celebrate his life and his passing.  This, is what brought my friend and her sweet family to me on Monday.

So while anyone else who called and said they would like to have their two month old portrait session scheduled, well, I probably would say no.  It is a tough age.  You can’t pose them like a newborn – can’t get them into those yummy squishy curled up positions, and they can’t hold their heads up like they would be able to in just a few more weeks, it is just kind of in between…

But there was no hesitation, they were in town and I wasn’t letting them leave without getting my camera on Ms. Elizabeth’s first born! And oh what a morning we had.  Baby Tristin and I bonded rather quickly, I even offered to let Mom and Dad head back to Seattle and leave him with me for a few days, but the silent response told me none of the three of them was liking that idea!

I loved every minute of snuggling and kissing on my best friend’s sweet son, of getting to know her amazing husband, of catching up, laughing and telling stories, remembering good times.  But, truly, the best part, the part that made me cry when they left – and is making me tear up again as I write this now – was how amazing it was to watch Liz and Brian love on their precious son.

They love him so much and are such amazing parents already – I can’t wait to watch them watch him grow up.

Here is Baby Tristin’s first portrait session with me – I expect it to be the first of many…


I just couldn’t stop taking photos of her smiling at her son – it made my heart happy to watch…

Those Cheeks!

Daddy has got some serious Super Power with this Little One!  He knew all the tricks – and got all the best smiles too!!

I love how much he loves him…

One special little family…

Kim - LOVE the photos, Renee. Truly just amazing shots. Course, I really love the chance to get a peek at Liz and Brian with Tristin. Miss you all.

LeeAnne F. Geiger - Amazing creative, loving work. Of course the subject is Nana’s favorite subject! Baby Tristin and his fabulous parents.
Thanks Renee for a beautiful photo shoot. Lee Anne,Mom,Nana

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more toes than I could count….

Finally!  Here they are, the images from the most amazing newborn posing workshop by Rachel Vanoven.  She is the brilliance behind Rachel Vanoven Photography of Indianapolis, Indiana.  I have been following her work via facebook for the last year or so and she has been such an inspiration to me.  She is a wife, a mom to three little ones, a phenomenal photographer AND she seems to be making it all work!

When she started offering workshops last fall I was falling all over myself trying to figure out how to get to one, BUT, they were filling up so fast there was no way for me to line up travel arrangements and childcare in time to get on the list.  I tried several times and kept missing the boat!  So back in the spring I emailed her and got on the list for a summer workshop, yeah!, and was able to coordinate our family vacation to visit the grandparents around the workshop dates.  I was ecstatic that it all worked out – a weekend away just for photography, I mean seriously, this was almost better than Christmas!

And Rachel did not disappoint.  In fact, I learned more than I had anticipated.  We were able to work with three newborns in a row (in one day!).  It was incredible – and a bit exhausting – but worth every minute, dollar and mile put into it.  I hope you enjoy viewing some of the images of these three sweet newborn babies, all were under 12 days and I loved photographing each one of them.

**I have a couple newborn sessions scheduled for late fall, but if you have anyone to send my way for late August or September, I have a little something special I would like to offer the first newborn that comes my way after the workshop – I am super anxious to try out all my new knowledge and skills!

jennifer - Go you! these are amazing! I so would love to do a newborn workshop! You go girl!

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The last six weeks have been super busy getting the “business side” of the new studio organized – turns out things like building a blogsite and sorting out taxes are a little time consuming!  I have enjoyed it in so many ways, planning for the future of the studio, building the structure of the business, fussing over all the different details, but it has been a lot of time at my desk.  I purposely took a break from sessions for most of June and July to give myself time for this.  It was the right thing to do, but wow have I missed being behind the camera!

I did take a break from the computer to get out with this little sweetheart one evening – my only session in July.  I can’t believe her first birthday is coming up this fall, it has been such a treat to photograph her as a newborn, at three, six and now ten months.  I absolutely love getting to capture a baby’s first year in photographs.

We went out to a great local botanical garden about an hour before sunset.  The light was just dreamy – and so was Baby Emma!  I was always hesitant to do sessions in the early evening – don’t you know its “getting ready for bed” time?!?  It really could not have gone better.  The light truly was “golden” and so was Emma.  Her mama fed her dinner a little early and we picked a location that was only about a ten minute drive from her home.  Little Emma seemed quite happy at the change in routine and loved playing at the park after dinner.  So, you guessed it, my  new favorite session time is one and a half hours before sunset!

Thanks for such a fun evening in the gardens Emma.

She loved playing in my new crate!

Ok, I’ll sit here for a minute…

Hmmm, think I can get away with playing in the grass?

Really?!?  Haha!  I get to play in the grass!  Hooray!


And her expression in this one…well, I just couldn’t resist sharing.  It was the very end, and I think she was just happy to be getting dirty.

See you again soon Emma – and don’t worry, I’ll have a cake and you can get as messy as you want!

Katie Sprick - Hi Renee!

It was such a great idea to go to Meadowlark and take pictures – and I agree the lighting was perfect! Emma and I had so much fun walking around the park with you, and your yellow accents (blanket, headband, soda box) were the perfect touch. I love that you caught such a mix of expressions, and I think that’s what makes this mix of photos so unique – I can see Emma’s personality in each of them!

Jon and I will always treasure these pictures of our baby girl!

Thanks a million!!


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