Happy Day After Halloween!  I hope you and your little ones had a wonderful time celebrating one of the cutest holidays of the year!  I know, I know, it is supposed to be spooky and scary and gory and all that – but I love the cute and fun and adorable side of it far too much (big surprise huh?!?).

And oh the fun we had this year!  The boys got full use of their costumes this round – so much so that they started to get tired of them and each pulled out a second costume for at least one of our events.  We dressed up for Soccer, Tennis, Trunk or Treat, class parties and then the big day itself.  So Jonah was a Pirate (the Captain Mama, not the Matey!) for most of his events.  But for the Tennis party he decided he wanted to be a skeleton like his big brother.  Now, I told him I would not buy a second costume but he could wear his skeleton pjs ~ that happen to glow in the dark ~ and he thought that was a good deal.  Add a black and white super hero mask from the dress up bin and some skeleton gloves from Target we had just bought for winter ~ and we were set!  Mr. Bones and Mr. Little Bones were a huge hit at the party.

Then we get to Halloween night – we are literally putting on the costumes, and Benjamin decides he wants to be Batman ~ not a skeleton anymore.  Um, ok, let me see what I can do…. Five minutes later I have pulled together a new costume ~ again, gotta love the dress up bin!  And we were off!

We have been loving our new neighborhood from the time we moved in this summer.  But wow, did our neighbors win us over last night!  One of the wonderful families hosted a bunch of families with little ones and we met there for dinner and then out for trick or treating ~ what a storm our little ones were!  Everyone was so welcoming and inviting, so much kindness.  We are feeling very blessed indeed…




I even busted out my not so crafty side, hit my Pinterest board of favorite holiday treats, and “made” little frosted ghost cookies ~ how fun are these?!?



Bernice - Love!!!! all the pictures:) Those boys look like they had the best Halloween ever!!!

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Amusement Park Fun

Eeek!  I am so very excited to share this session with you!  It was a much anticipated and super fun session to shoot for me – for lots of reasons!  First and foremost, this is one of my very favorite families to photograph.  The beautiful Mama is one of my oldest “DC Friends” and we have known each other since before either of us were married or had any munchkins to think about photographing!  She has been such a dear friend to me for so many years, and one of the most encouraging and supportive when it comes to my photography career – so that makes it even more fun to be able to bless her family with beautiful photos in return.

When we started discussing our move to Kansas City we already had their family session on the schedule for the fall.  So this was the ONE family I bumped from the fall all the way to early summer ;)  After photographing these kiddos every year from the time the oldest was six weeks old I just couldn’t imagine letting a little thing like moving across the country push us to skip this year!

So we decided to go out with a bang.  We literally shot this about a week before the movers showed up – with the caveat that she would get the edited images in the fall ;)  But I had always dreamed of doing a session at Glen Echo Park in Maryland.  It is this Old Fashioned Amusement Park just across the river and has the most amazing architecture and super fun pops of color.   And then you add in one of the oldest restored carousel’s in the country – the gorgeous Dentzel Carousel and it just makes for one of the most unique spots around Washington DC.

The family loves color and I thought if anyone could pull it off then they could – and I was right.  It was a hot muggy June night, but the kiddos rocked it, as usual, and we had a blast.

Thanks for humoring my crazy ideas B Family ~ I love you, and I miss you already!!


*A little side note on Glen Echo ~ The park is also host to The Puppet Company.  A fabulous live puppet theater with performances for children ages 3 through 12.  It was a favorite spot for the boys and I in the summers (it has air conditioning ;) but I was always surprised at how few of our friends in Virginia knew about it.  The whole park is fantastic ~ with art fairs, classes, a playground and small cafe – the list goes on.  I am big fan ~ I encourage you to stop by and check it out!!







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Now who knew I would ever get excited about Football?!?  I mean like, jump up and down, scream and shout, kind of excited?  Me? Oh, did I mention my little boy was playing his first Championship Game?  Ya, I guess that makes a difference now doesn’t it ;)

And what a fun game it was!  His little team has done so well the last two months. This weekend was the big Flag Football League of Kansas City 1st Grade Championship.  They won their first game 20-16 and their second 12-0 (yes, they keep score in the First Grade – this was new for us!)  He had a wonderful coach who made sure every player got to play and touch the ball every weekend.  And my little six year old ran hard and played hard and had a fantastic experience for his first season of football in Kansas!

I have to say, it was pretty fun to bring my Big Girl camera to the game and shoot a little bit of the action.  I love using prime lenses for my portrait work, so my 24-70mm is usually all the zoom I need, but with two little boys playing sports ~ well, I think I know what is going on MY Christmas list ;)  And I did something new this season to celebrate the Championship.  I grabbed the trophy and posed each of the boys with it for a quick sports portrait ~ it was quick and dirty, but a ton of fun!

So proud of our Champions! Go Knights!





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